Arthur Chabert

Product Designer
Geneva, CH

@artchab / Linkedin

About me

For the last 10 years creating meaningful experiences rhythms my days.
I'm a fullstack Senior UX Designer with a strong entrepreneurial mindset.
I love to bring ideas to life, using User Centered Methods. I am strongly skilled in User Research, User Interface and Coding, Moreover, I am used to work in Agile / Scrum environements with developers.
Marketing lays also in my heart: in my opinion, it is crucial to manage it, understand it and use it in order to empower a product.

I'm working now as Remote UX Consultant. Previously i was working for the n°1 Jobboards in Switzerland and I was in charge of creating the entire user experience for Candidates and Recruiters. In the past, I worked on creatives projects like interactive applications for multitouch table, kinect, tablet and mobile.
I already founded 3 companies, and the current one is called Fhyve SàRL where we try to accelerate and ease customer support.

One of my biggest strengths is to bring new concepts quickly into a testing phase and to follow them until they are ready to go live. I do this by catching and putting together metrics and users’ feedbacks in order to solve users and business problems.
Today, I implement user-centered philosophy and bring expertise and knowledge to worldwide companies

My precious skills

I can manage all kind of tools and softwares but what is important for me is the methodology used behind: I know how to set and define goals for high-level exceptations.

  • Quantitative user analysis
    [ Hotjar, Analytics ]
  • Qualitative user ananlysis
    [ Interviews, Questionnaires ]
  • User interface design
    [ Sketch, XD, Photoshop, Illustrator ]
  • Prototyping tools
    [ InVision, Craft, UX Pin ]
  • Motion & animation
    [ After Effects, Principle ]
  • Coding
    [ HTML5, CSS3, Git ]

To manage all projects, prioritze, estimate and document I use Jira & Confluence.

Selected projects

As it's always hard to introduce a work/deliverable without the context around it, I tried to pick some of my favorites creations. List is not exhaustive.


The past 7 years, my main work was dedicated to analyze, understand and create meanfull experiences for jobseekers and recruiters.

Something more personal

When I am not designing or creating something, i spend most of my time at the CrossFit Box or under a kite on a board kitesurfing all around the world.

Get in touch

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